The 57th annual festival will run from 11 July to 15 August

Important: Ballet and tap entries are now on hold due to the large number of entries; you cannot enter any ballet or tap items at this time. We will advise if we can take further entries at a later date. To be put on the tap or ballet waitlist, email the convenors at (tap) and (ballet).

2021 Entry form for Individuals
2021 Entry form for Groups

The South Auckland Performing Arts Competition Society Inc.

Entries will generally be open until 7 May, or until the festival is full. Refer to each syllabus for more information. 

The South Auckland Performing Arts Competitions Festival (SAPACS) is a major event on the Regions’s Arts Calendar. It is run under the umbrella of the Performing Arts Competitions Association of New Zealand (PACANZ).  

All enquiries to

2021 Festival Dates 

PAPAKURA – Hawkins Theatre

Monday 19 July to Sunday 25th July (second week of the school holidays)
Senior Piano and Vocal sections as organized. Commencing with Senior Piano and then Junior Vocal, followed by Senior Vocal. No groups – Vocal Groups please see 13th August. Junior Piano please refer to Pukekohe dates.

Friday 30 July to Sunday 1 August (end of first week of Term Three)
Instrumental Section excluding groups (see Friday 6th for groups)

Friday 6 to Sunday 8 August
6th: late afternoon/evening Instrumental Groups

7th: Tap (day and evening sessions)

8th: Troupes (day session only – limited numbers – no Hip Hop)

Friday 13 to Sunday 15 August

13th: late afternoon/evening Vocal Groups

14th and 15th: Ballet sessions as organised


Speech Section (Junior and Senior) will commence Sunday afternoon 11th July. Estimated finish is Wednesday 14th. Junior Piano Section should commence about Wednesday 14th and run to Saturday 17th July. The venue for both sections will be the TrainMe Centre, Pukekohe. (please see syllabus sections for full details) Note that Senior Piano will be held in the Hawkins Theatre the following week.

The Highland Section will be held on Sunday 11 July at the Karaka War Memorial Hall. Please contact the convenor at for further information.


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Friends of SAPACS for 2020
Andres – Janet
Archer – Rupert
Auckland Academy of Dance
Austin – Hayley
Bansal – Bela Rose
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Boocock – Isabella & Gemma
Carter Chan Dance
Cen – Ryan
Chang – Hannah Yu–han
Chen – Kayla Zixi
Coulthard – Hannah
Davis – Celeste
Ding – Jessica
Eastern Dance Studios
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Hall – Keira
Howson – Mathilda
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Insley – Daisy
Jagusch – Victoria
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Kyle – Ann
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Ling – Ashley Shin–ing
Liu – Chloe
Liu – Lawrence
Lyles – Jade
Ma – Jaydon
Mai – Adela
McMillan – Jasmyn
McAlister – Logan
Moattar – Martin
Molyneux – Renee
Moore – Moira
Natasha Hodson
Nichols – Claire
Nielsen – Callum
Palmer–Roche – Sebastian
Park – Jesse & Jemima
Parker–Warner – Grace
Piano Teacher East Auckland
Prowse – Campbell
Reynolds – Nikki
Shang – Renia
Sharma–Barrow Karishma
Stevens – Isabella Mei–Juan
Teh – Josiah
The Dance Studio
Tsai – Janice
Utatao – Esmae
Wathen – Rowan
Xu – Kevin
Xue – Melody
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Yoon – Lucia
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Zhang – Iris
Zhang – Terrance Tianyi
Zhang – Yanni
Zhao – Yilin

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Pukekohe South Doctors
Top Notch (Engraving & Book Exchange)
The Clevedon Valley Music Foundation Trust
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Helen O’Grady Drama Academy
Pizza Box Pukekohe & Papakura

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Bruce & Jessie Pulman
Draper Academy of Dance/The Yarr Family
Fiona Ferens
Williams Family (the late Dorothy Wiseman)
IRMT (Reg. Music Teachers, Auckland)
Dawn Hutson (Dorothy Walker)
McDonald’s Family Restaurant Pukekohe
Phil & Delia Cook
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The Webster Family
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The Gardner Family
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Ms OJ Meyer
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