The 60th annual festival will run from 7 July to 10 August 2024

Adult Recital – Gina Sanders Cup: Emily Scott

Gowan Brae Valley Studio Trophy – Ladies: Dilys Fong

Barry Hogan C. Cup – Male: Benson Wilson

Dorothy Wiseman Cup: Cassandra McCowan

A and E Serpell Trophy Most points Senior Vocal: Cassandra McCowan

Junior Vocal
Brian Webb C C 16 and Under 18: Mary Laing

Gwenneth Short C C 14 and Under 16: Francesca Cox

Robert Skelton C C 12 and Under 14: Emily Briggs & Alexander Lake-Smith

Cook/Olson C C 10 and Under 12: Missouri Wilton

Jeanette Kingsford Trophy Under 10: Luke Shackleton

Valley Voices Young Performer Recitals
Senior: Sophie Lamb
Intermediate: Kara Croudis-Bonniface
Junior: Emily Briggs

Morrison Cup Most points over all junior classes: Missouri Wilton

FPW Division Cup Most promising performance: Sophie Turner

Evans Musical Theatre Trophy 12 and Under 18: Fedora Cox

Cox Family Trophy Song in Costume Under 12: Luke Shackleton

Sarah McDowall Trophy – A very promising performance Under 12: Sophia Larsen & Elliott Fox

Murray Guy Endeavour Award – Outstanding Male Vocalist: Luke Shackleton

Franklyn Gellnick Trophy Vocal Duet under 12:
Sophie Turner & Brooke Wisnewski

Clauson Choir Trophy: Majors ‘n’ Minors & Viva La Musica
Counties Marine Trophy Vocal Group 3-8 singers: 7 Up
Lions Shield: Dilys Fong