The 58th annual festival is scheduled to run from Sunday 10th July to Sunday 14th August 2022


SUSAN SHORT CHALLENGE SHIELD – 4 Pts Trophy – Grace Kelly, Beachlands
J.J.CRAIG CHALLENGE CUP – 8 Pts Trophy – Annaliese Gordon, Green Lane
MAXINE SUMMERVILLE CHALLENGE CUP – Winner Highland Fling U/8yrs – Eva Houghton,
St. John, Auckland
BRONWEN BELL CHALLENGE CUP – Most Points U/8yrs – Eva Houghton
MERLE HUGHES CHALLENGE CUP – Merit Award Sword Dance U/9yrs – Samantha Jones, Waiuku
CALDER CHALLENGE CUP – Winner Highland Fling U/10yrs – Annaliese Gordon, Green Lane
NICOLA REYNOLDS CHALLENGE CUP – Most Points U/10yrs – Samantha Jones, Waiuku
DELENA BOROS CHALLENGE CUP – Merit Award Sword Dance U/11yrs – Shae Lawrence,
One Tree Hill
SUSAN SHORT CHALLENGE CUP – Winner Highland Fling U/12yrs – Amity Drake
DONNA SHORT CHALLENGE TRAY – Most Points U/12yrs – Amity Drake
FRANKLIN WINES & SPIRITS CHALLENGE CUP – Auckland Centre Championship Sword Dance U/13yrs
– Shae Lawrence,
EASON CHALLENGE SHIELD – Most Points U/14yrs – Ayleigh Loomes, Onehunga
BOLAND CHALLENGE CUP – Winner Sword Dance U/15yrs – Ayleigh Loomes, Onehunga
CHERYL ANNE CHALLENGE CUP – Most Points U/16yrs – Ayleigh Loomes, Onehunga
KERRY TOPP MEMORIAL CHALLENGE CUP – Winner Reel O’Tulloch Open – Emma Denney,
North Shore
GLENCALLY CHALLENGE CUP – Most Points Open Class – Emma Denney
MARISSA LOCKHART TROPHY – Scottish Lilt Any Age – Ayleigh Loomes, Onehunga
ANDREA LIMPUS CHALLENGE CUP – Most Points Local Competitor U/14yrs – Samantha Jones,
GLENYS SORENSON MEMORIAL CUP – Encouragement Award – Aria McLachlan, Hamilton

Merit Award – under 9yrs
1st: Samantha Jones, Waiuku
2nd: Eva Houghton, St. Johns Auckland
3rd: Ayla Wyness, Mangere Bridge

Merit Award – under 11yrs
1st: Shae Lawrence, One Tree Hill
2nd: Samantha Jones, Waiuku
3rd: Eva Houghton, St.Johns Auckland
VHC: Ayla Wyness, Mangere Bridge
VHC: Aria McLachlan, Hamilton
HC: Laura Purves, Te Awamutu

Auckland Centre Championship – under 13yrs
1st: Shae Lawrence, One Tree Hill
2nd: Amity Drake, Remuera
3rd: Annaliese Gordon, Green Lane

Auckland Centre Championship – under 15yrs
1st: Ayleigh Loomes, Onehunga
2nd: Abbey Foulds, Patumahoe
3rd: Laina Christensen, Maraetai Beach
VHC: Olivia Gordon, Hamilton
HC: Grace Kelly, Beachlands
HC: Caitlin Brown, Maraetai