The 60th annual festival will run from 7 July to 10 August 2024

Tomlinson Challenge Cup & miniature
Zoe Guan

Williams Family Challenge Cup 7<9yrs
Zoe Guan

Snowden Challenge Cup
Ashani Waidyatillake

Gillian McFadden Miniature Poem Restricted
Harri Croft

Walter Corney Challenge Cup
Madeleine Walker

S.A.P.A.C.S. Trophy Characterisation
Emma Ying

Patten Challenge Cup
Emma Ying

Beverley Scobie Cup & miniature
Eva Bassett

McBeth Challenge Cup & miniature
Charlotte Healey

Walter Corney Challenge Cup Intermediate
Andrew Chee

Leon, Tony Borich Challenge Trophy
Andrew Chee

Julie Coleman Trophy Characterisation
Nico Penny

Karen O’Donnell Challenge Cup
Charlotte Healey

N.Z. Literature Trophy
Niharika Nair

Suella Hansen Drama Trophy
Ashley Whyte &  Nieve Campbell

S.A.P.A.C.S. Drama Trophy
Imogen Bunting & Tiffany Chee

Dorothy Walker Memorial Trophy
Most Promising 13<15yrs
Diviyan Senthivijen

Dorothy Walker Challenge Cup & miniature
Lydia MacNeil

Universal Challenge Trophy
Alison Winstanley

Tom Walker Memorial Trophy
Lydia MacNeil

Restricted Miniature 13<15yrs
Lyall Hill

Walter Corney Challenge Cup Senior
Avinash Jeyashankar

K. & J. Nielson Challenge Cup
April Reid

J.A. Cato Challenge Cup
Nico Penny

Janet Phillips Cup
Ainsley Oldfield

Poem Restricted Miniature 15yrs>
Francesca Kurghan

R,Corney Challenge Cup
Crystal Wu

Webster Miniature Sonnet Speaking
Crystal Wu

Dorothy Walker Cup
Hugo Fletcher

Frank Balle Family Trophy
Emily Lee & Alison Winstanley

Shakespeare S.A.P.A.C.S. Trophy
Crystal Wu

Andrew Killick Challenge Trophy
Crystal Wu

Jet Set Challenge Shield
Crystal Wu

J. & A.  Cusack Challenge Cup
Emily Lee & Emma Ying (Joint Winners)

Joanne McAlister Award
Crystal Wu