The 60th annual festival will run from 7 July to 10 August 2024

Tomlinson Challenge Cup & miniature
Madeleine Walker

Dorothy Walker Miniature Shield Poetry Speaking
Liam Walker

Williams Family Challenge Cup 7<9yrs
Maddy Proctor

Snowden Challenge Cup
Giselle Patrick & Zoe Guan

Walter Corney Challenge Cup
Toby Gordon

S.A.P.A.C.S. Trophy Characterisation
Phisher Zhai

Patten Challenge Cup
Zoe Guan

Beverley Scobie Cup & miniature
Rebecca Greenwood

McBeth Challenge Cup & miniature
Rebecca Greenwood

Walter Corney Challenge Cup Intermediate
Eva Bassett

Leon, Tony Borich Challenge Trophy
Phisher Zhai

J. & A. Cusack Challenge Cup
Madeleine Walker

Julie Coleman Trophy Characterisation
Eva Bassett

Karen O’Donnell Challenge Cup
Eva Bassett

Dorothy Walker Memorial Trophy
Most Promising 13
Hanwen Cao

Webster Miniature Sonnet Speaking
Paris Fan

Nomination Award:
George Maunsell
Runner Up: Matt Holden

S.A.P.A.C.S. Drama Trophy
Not Awarded

Restricted Miniature 13<15yrs
Not Awarded

N.Z. Literature Trophy
Not awarded

Suella Hansen Drama Trophy
Not awarded