The 59th annual festival is scheduled to run from Sunday 2 July to Sunday 6 August 2023

Marie Morrison Ch. Cup Classes 144,145,146 (Championship 16yrs & over)
Vilia Li

Gary Moore Challenge Cup Classes 140, 141,142 (C/ship 14 & 15 yrs)
Jonathan D’Souza

Sutton Challenge Cup Classes 131,132,133 (Championship 12 & 13yrs)
Shuan Liu

Cooper & Curd Challenge Cup Classes 121,122,123 (C/ship 10 & 11 yrs)
Megan Brook

Hilda Veale Challenge Cup Classes 117,118,119 (C/ship under 10yrs)
Hana Tani

Whitehead Challenge Cup Classes 118,122 (Junior Baroque Highest Mark)
Megan Brook

Whitehead Challenge Cup Classes 132, 141 (Senior Baroque Highest Mark)
Tony Yan Tong Chen

R.L.H. Challenge Cup (popular solo) Class 124
Zachary Yan

K & J Farley Challenge Cup Class 134 (Popular Solo 13yrs & over)
Mattheu Pong

R.L.H. Challenge Cup (Large) Classes 126 & 136 (Winner NZ Composition)
John Yang

Jun Family Trophy Class 125 (Solo Recital 12yrs & under)
Sangmin Alexandra Lee

Roulston Cup Class 135 (Solo Recital 13 to 15 yrs)
Tony Yan Tong Chen

Anna & Keith Miller Trophy for Senior Recital or Nomination Award
Conroy Hu

Jean Y. Phillpotts Trophy Class 128 (Sonatina/Sonata 1mvt. 12yrs & Under)
Isla Renker-Darby

Jean Y. Phillpotts Award Class 138 (Sonata/Sonatina 1 mvt. 13 to 15 yrs)
Jonathan D’Souza

Gwenneth Short Trophy Class 143 (Sonata/Sonatina 1mvt. 16 yrs & over)
Coco Li