The 60th annual festival will run from 7 July to 10 August 2024

Marie Morrison Ch. Cup Classes 144,145,146 (Championship 16yrs & over)
Gina Gao

Gary Moore Challenge Cup Classes 140, 141,142 (C/ship 14 & 15 yrs)
Aoran Liu

Sutton Challenge Cup Classes 131,132,133 (Championship 12 & 13yrs)
Lisa Murata Gutierrez

Cooper & Curd Challenge Cup Classes 121,122,123 (C/ship 10 & 11 yrs)
Overall Winner: Lucas Gao (winner of Section A)
Winner of Section B: Bella Chen

Hilda Veale Challenge Cup Classes 117,118,119 (C/ship 9 years & Under)
Overall Winner: Chloe Mengfu Wang (winner of Section A)
Winner of B Section: Declan Wu

Whitehead Challenge Cup Classes 118 (A & B),122 (A & B)
(Junior Baroque Highest Mark)
Daniel Wang

Whitehead Challenge Cup Classes 132, 141 (Senior Baroque Highest Mark)
William Lee

R.L.H. Challenge Cup (popular solo small) Class 124 12 Years & Under
Zhixuan Jeremy Sun

Xu Family Trophy (8 years & Under Solo)
Miranda Meng (B section & overall winner)
Laura Zhao (A section winner)

K & J Farley Challenge Cup Class 134 (Popular Solo 13yrs & over)
Donald Chen

R.L.H. Challenge Cup (Large) Classes 126 & 136 (Winner NZ Composition)
Donald Chen

Jun Family Trophy Class 125 (Solo Recital 12yrs & under)
Henry Wang

Roulston Challene Cup Class 135 (Solo Recital 13 to 15 yrs)
Jayden Cheung

Anna & Keith Miller Trophy for Senior Recital or Nomination Award
(two nominees)
Winner: Jesse Taehyun Oh
Runner-Up: Kaitian Zou

Jean Y. Phillpotts Trophy Class 128 (Sonatina/Sonata 1mvt. 12yrs & Under)
Justin Yilin Feng

Jean Y. Phillpotts Award Class 138 (Sonata/Sonatina 1 mvt. 13 to 15 yrs)
Helen Shan

Gwenneth Short Trophy Class 143 (Sonata/Sonatina 1mvt. 16 yrs & over)
Gina Gao

James McDowall MP cup for best performance in a Contemporary/20th Century class over all age groups
Jayden Cheung

50th Jubilee Classical Award (miniature) 12 Years & Under
Hao Tian Peter Hu

50th Jubilee Classical Award (miniature) 13 Years & Over
Zamir Haq